Know Thyself... well, try to.

The best thing you can do before dating "The One" is know who you are and what you want for yourself. 

Date Yourself. 

Yes, that sounds crazy, but if you date yourself, you will get to know the best of you, and yet  all your flaws. Its harder to be with someone and try to find yourself, when all you want to do is be with that special someone. But being alone, you will have all the time in the world to discover the things that make you, you! 

A better examination of your characteristics can better your chances in finding exactly what you need and want. You will minimize the little mistakes that draw you to the a--holes and smeezes, and the players... lol. You will definetely be attracted to their appearances (lets face we have eyes) but when you go further then looks, you will know what you want and can cipher through the bull.

Don't be in a hurry to get in a relationship. The best thing you can do for yourself is spending time alone, loving and pampering yourself. And don't let anyone tell you differently! And for those who are like me, and is already in a commited relationship, its not to late. No, you don't have to break anything off. You just have to put aside time to be alone and enjoy your own company, it will make your relationship better, Trust!

'Till next time
Love yah girl, Mercy!

Posted March 17th 2010

Dummy for that yummy!!

Its funny how some of  you men act out there! They really forget themselves and others when a lil pussy comes along. Meow!!! Good for you. Get it in!! But now your whipped!! 

You have to be if you put aside all the friends (females in particular) in your life that helped you get those smeezes to believe in your tired lines in the first place! And I don't want to hear "women and men can't just be friends" Because that shyt is lame. It's called growing up and being mature!

You shouldn't have to choose between a female friend and a new fling/ or potential wifey, especially when your friend has been there from day 1. Its just not cool to act brand new. Just because your new jawn has some insecurites, doesn't mean you should change who you are for them. They should appreciate you and the friends you so wisely choosen ;)


Now, If there was any feelings towards your female friend that goes beyond a "friendship", that maybe understandable. But if its to proove that you don't need ANYONE ELSE BUT YOUR GIRL, and fuck those who looked out for you from the beginning... Then you're nieve.. and you will be very sorry at the end, when your left with a sweet yummy that just went sour... Yuck!

Ahhhh, glad to get that off my voluptuous chest
Love... yours truly, (can't get no real) lol

The Set Up

What happens when your homeboi wants to set you up with a blind date? Hmmm........Oh word? you don't need a blind date? Your game is just straight up thoroughbred status? Okay player. Let's put all the blow up dolls and your pops' old Hustler mags that you gaffled to the side and speak on some hypothetical for a hot second.  WHAT IF your man-fifty-grand meets a female and says to himself "Hey she might get along with such and such..or...Yeah such and such would digg this jawn," let's draw upon the potential for this happening.  Say you been kinda how-do-you-call, "dry in your line-up" the past month and need something on deck. Your homie comes through and is tryin to putchu on to something nice BUT unthinkable cuz you have never ventured into these unknown parts.  So while you wondering if shortie got that Julia Bond..Answer this..should you do it or not????(Stop frontin like you wouldn't when you know damn well..) Once again I gotta give it up to the the infamous Seinfeld.(click below for  the hilarious clip!)  What is termed as the "Fix-Up." Open your mind sucka! Evolve and grow or Dissolve and mold!!
 I'm out! 100!  click video:  

Until Next Time,

Gettin Paid and Gettin Laid,

Posted by Leo Miles Feb. 28th 2010

All Men Are Dogs!! Rrrrrrrrrrrr

Men? Tired of hearing that? But lets be real, even a dog can be loyal and show respect. 

Now I'm not one of those angry bitter sisters who don't have a man, and is spooning with cats. I am blessed with a Man and child, but I have extensive understanding of men from my own experiences and based on the many adventures of my men friends and their voyages. I would say the majority of the men i know all say the same things. They just want a girl, with no commitment, with no drama, no problems... NO CHANCE!!

As women, if we have any intimacy with you, you are OURS, point, blank, period!! For us to even trust you, to take that step with you, shows that we are making a committed act. (Now don't get me wrong, they are a few smeezys who have no problem trusting EVERYONE with there entree), but for the rest of the required tastes, we prefer to be very selective in who we let in our lives (let alone our beds).

For you men, you want to have fun with the ball, but be able to go home and lick yourselves (ok a lil of a stretch with that one) But you know what I'm getting at! It is okay to have fun, but if you don't plan on eventually taking that next step (going to targets and walmarts with her lmao) then let that poor women know EXACTLY what your intentions are! Those who eat there cakes will always get a mouthful!!!

Love yah girl, Mercy

Posted by Mercy Feb. 26th 2010

Okay.Okay.Okay. Now we all love to date..Especially when we don't have all that crazy commitment talk that ya'll ladies be tryin to get us with.i.e."Don't you love me? Do really think things would change if we SAID we were in a commitment?" Of course it would bitch! But check, check, all that aside. What happens when you meet a FINE woman and she decides to give you her math??? It could be the club, the bar, or a bookstore(for all you dudes frontin like ya'll really in Borders bout to read up on some shit bout the Cold War like you really interested and shit). How long are you supposed to wait until you give her a call? Shieettt.!!! This is an age old argument yahmean. I'd like to refer to it as the "Waiting Period." We can debate all day about this topic, but on some real talk, I'ma have to give it up to my man Jerry Seinfeld for the breakdown: The Three Day Trial. Three Days. No Sweat. Keep It Movin!

Until Next Time...
Later Masterbaters!

Posted by Leo Miles Feb. 25th 2010

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