MISSION: Offering the world another outlet for the most innovative music, fashion, foods, news, and artists through the lens of Hip-Hop. A blog designed for people for all flavors to come to and access information that will inspire and motivate them to continue to chase their dreams with ambitious determination.  Not only will it function as a blog, but it will be a place for people to meet in order to establish networks with one another so that their can be alternatives designed to counteract the monotonous 9-5 run of the mill lifestyle.  The MXLES HXGH CLUB is based on a set of ideals.  Those ideals include but are not restricted to success, creative autonomous control, financial evolution, and many more  all done with a certain style, demeanor and class, even swagger per se.  The MXLES HXGH CLUB is not just designated for the well off who bask in a life of riches but for the narratives of what are called “robin hood thieves” who continue to plot scheming another way to make it to the top but also paying close attention to  where the roots are first laid. 

MOTTO:  “You can pay to go to school. But you can’t buy class.” Shawn “ Jay-Z” Carter 

This says it all.  A motto that can capture the essence in one line that few rappers/emcees are capable of doing with finesse.  The MXLES HXGH CLUB is about finesse, planning, timing, attacking when the moment is presented to become what is termed as a “noisemaker.”  An individual who can harness the attention given to him/her and transform that into capital invested or self-branding or both.

-MXHX Staff