Collaborating Kicks

Vans and Eric Elms unit to make these very sweet to the eyes, sneaks. With its suede texture and off but stylish grasp of color (red violet, teal, and basic black) A true sneakerhead can not deny its finesse. For more info click here

Also, check out the whole package below

Trina Le Diva

So whats new in fashion? whose up and coming? Trina Le Diva is more known for her fabulous fashion forward photos that can be a bit on the dramatic side, but who doesn't want a lil drama every now and then. But I have recently come across some eye catching accessories that she started to flash is her portraits, that just may be this summers newest trend. Her recent creations are daring chained hand jewelry, and gold linkage diva shades. And lets not bypass the tasteful hood and gloves that can take a bland outfit to evening status. 

Don't sleep on Miss Diva and keep to speed at her blog and her facebook !

Much Love,  Yah Girl Mercy!


Married to the Mob

Now... I have to admit, I was a lil annoyed at this line. Seriously, who do they think they are by taking something as simple as married to the mob, and make it fly... bastards. But clearly i was hating... a little lol.

This season MTTM revels a new image, well at least more substantial. Confident bitches in charge. Ladies, what else is there to say..  Graphic tees, for the queens, thats thick and lean, and in between, thats all you really need...

Ok seriously, their ad sneek peek is more sexy and scandalous and less teeny booperish lol see image below. For more on MTTM, shop!

Melody Ehsani is a Jewel

What can be said about Melody Eshani's Killa line? Its rugid, flavorful, and original. From its playful lines and colors, to the unique objects thats being dipped in metallics and gold.

And please do not get me started with the shoes! The Javier Heels and The Asjai Heels is so leathel, necks literally snap when you have them on! And ia 5 foot 10 girl like me, can confidently strut in those shoes for at least a half an hour, anyone can, TRUST!!

 Check out more at Mel @ Karmaloop. And she is also Karmaloops 'Chick of the month'. See her interview at Mel's Q&A

Much Love, Yah Girl Mercy

Posted by Mercy March 3rd 2010

If your into fashion like my comrades and myself included, then you know there's nothing like the feeling of a fresh, new crispy New Era fitted.  Fitteds can obviously accent any outfit from the most simple to the most colorful. Here are a few that have recently caught my eye as of recent.

1. The Lakeland Flying Tigers in olive brown and khaki is an excellent choice for you cats that stay sharp onnna hum.  Even when you play the backdrop you still look as fly as a stealth plane on cruise control.

2. The Los Angeles Dodgers in dark gray, red and metallic. Nuff Said.  This piece is just ridiculous and can match a whole lot of things with its calm but cool colorway.

3.  The Asheville Tourists in navy, red and metallic is perfect with a simple white T.  Looking so stuntastic it'll leave the competition lost in the sauce.


 You can preview all of these in further detail and to find more fitteds like these visit:


It's soooo common now of days to walk along a busy street and see at least one table filled with the "latest" designer bags for $30!! How can you beat that with a bat!? Yes I know I know, its a crime, it really is... But can you really blame the common man for wanting to look just as luxurious as the celebrities seen in the media, but without having to pay back breaking five figure prices? Maybe if these designer liners made apparels for the average folks, we can all be gleaming through our Versace shades
and Fendi bags at the bus stops ( without giving each other the mug face lol! ) Yes, I seen you looking at my coach bag and I would of happily showed you what corner I got it from if you looked friendly.

The point is my friends, how can anyone really tell if its a knock off or not, even if they know your collecting that government cheese the first of the month lol. It could of been a gift! Just know that you are your own. Beautiful with our without the labels!! Stay fly...

Love yah girl, Mercy!


The latest design in the Onitusuka Tiger Camp. It's not officially dropping until later on this year, but its stripes is fierce (no pun intended). This Japanese-cool style is returning back to its roots this year with Tansu trainer inspired by the age-old art of Tansu. Tansu is a craft that combines lacquering, ironwork and carpentry, that creates cabinetry and chests. Onitsuka Tiger’s Tansu trainer takes these characteristics of clean lines, and a edgy design, and incorporates it with todays latest craze. (Still Intrigued? See video link below)

Yes, it fits perfectly with the todays trends for the re-launching of classic 80s apparel, with its neon orange, faded denim blue, and kool-aid red. The fabric has a nylon and a harden rubber feel. It resembles Chuck Taylors, but with a more custom look.

Can't wait to buy it? Go to this link to search the stores: Onitsukatiger

Source & Photo: NICE KICKS



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