Memory Lane Mondays:  Every Monday the club will break out an oldie but goodie and generate a write up on an album that just stands the test of time which means it doesn't necessarily have to be that "Nu-Nu Shit" that dropped like eight minutes ago havin all your homies clownin on you cuz you not up to par with the latest.

This week is dedicated to an artist that is actually new to the scene but has music that transcends the generations that came before him.  Introducing Mayer Hawthorne. I know you can say I'm late or whatever(even though I copped that shit like the first hour it dropped suckas!!!!). Anyway Mayer Hawthorne is a White cat originally from Detroit that can SAING HIS ASS OFF!!!  Staying true to the Motown sounds, can be a challenging goal to achieve, but this dude seems to do it so effortlessly like the back of his hands type shit. 

Entitled "A Strange Arrangement," the album can be played front to back, start to finish, and give you the whole NINE.  He writes, produces, arranges, and seems to always have a bad-bad mamma-jamma on his arm. With songs like "Just Aint Gonna Work Out" and "Shiny & New" this cat and his band called The County are just PHENOMENAL PERIOD.  If you haven't checked him out do so!!!

And I'm Out!

Check him out here on the link below:

Memory Lane Mondays:  Every Monday, The Club will break out an oldie but goodie and generate a write up on an album that just stands the test of time which means that it doesn't necessarily have to be that
"Nu-Nu Shit," that just dropped like eight minutes  ago havin all your homies clownin you cuz you not up to par on the with the latest. Maannn, "Fuck All That Nonsense..Two Times!!"  
In honor of this first christining, I'd like to go back a couple and highlight the astounding talents of none other than singer/songwriter Norah Jones and her first album entitled "Come Away With Me."  This album was Jones' official introduction into my life as a late teen in 2002.  It did nothing but bring out my "Ronny Romance" swagger.  From beginning to end the melodies she concocted on this project just oozed with talent having me dream of one day making her wifey.  BUT until that happens, the sultry vocals, and jazz-folk fused music will just have to do. The title track "Come Away With Me" and "Cold Cold Heart" are just a few of the many jewels on this album.  If you ever read this Norah, know that you gotta special place in the hearts of the Mxles Hxgh. 
 For more info on Norah Jones click here: 

Hitting The Spot,



What the hell do these bougie motherfuckers that call themselves the Mxles Hxgh Club listen to??

First off let me give it up to Brooklyn-Nati based Hip-Hop outfitters Tanya Morgan. I always respected what they did, and heard Von Pea on the first Foreign Exchange project along with some cameos here and there, but honestly I didn't check them out really until member Donwill just dropped with his mixtape this past week entitled "Laura's Tape." It's just a all around banger from top to bottom. Check it out here:

One of my favorite past times is discovering new music that I had always heard of... maybe by name, but haven't had the chance to check it out.  It brings up the digging sensation I still get even when I don't have the chance to stop in the Mom and Pop record shops like I did when I was young with money in my pockets and no student loans chin checking my wallet.  Ahhh..those were the days. But anyway here is a  Philadelphia based trio calling themselves South Broad, a group with an incredible amount of talent to offer, and with the right hands involved, they have the power to really gain the recognition they've been in search of.  An e.p. entitled, "A World Apart" with beats provided by none other than L.A.'s burgeoning rapper now also producer Blu(yes that Blu).  Check their e.p. out here:

Posted By Leo Miles Feb. 25th 2010

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